Sipping Kava in Fiji


During my RTW trip with my friend Lou we spent two weeks in the paradise that is Fiji. It is such a relaxed country! So relaxed that even when we were rushing to catch our flight from NZ they told us to calm down because it was Fiji time.


We first came in to contact with Kava when we spent a couple of days in Nadi before going to the islands. We had met another Irish guy who invited us along to a kava drinking session.


So what is kava you may ask?


Well it is a famous drink in Fiji, it is made from the crop of the same name. It is perfectly legal and it is known as a sedative. Many Fijians drink it because it relaxes you and can soemtimes have the same effect as marijuana. Most drink it because it’s illegal to drink and drive but perfectly legal to drink kava and drive.

When we arrived for our first kava taste we all sat around in a circle while the locals sang some amazing island songs (my favorite was “please don’t touch my papaya”)





Kava just looks like muddy water and honestly that’s what it tastes like too! After our first night drinking kava we didn’t feel any different except that we had tingling tongues.

We then headed out to one of the islands (Nacula island) to spend 10 days in our own island paradise.



After being there a couple of days we were invited to drink some kava with the workers at our resort. Remembering the lack of effect the last time I drank some. The others headed off to bed leaving me and another German traveler to drink the kava. Again I didn’t think that I felt any different, that is until I went back to our dorm room!


I was on the top bunk and got in to bed. Suddenly I heard my friend Louise calling my name (I though it was strange because it was the middle of the night) So I was answering back to her, but she just kept calling my name. I finally flashed my torch on her to realise that she was fast asleep!

It was at this point that I knew that it was the kava messing with my head so I lay down and tried to will myself to sleep. Then I heard someone banging really loudly on our door, of course there was no one there. Luckily I fell asleep after that.

That was the only time that I’ve had hallucinations in my life. I didn’t feel too scared and I’m glad that I tried the kava. I would definitely recommend trying it if you are ever in Fiji but just remember to not drink too much!