My Life in Denver So Far…

fotor_145420870375361.jpgI have been a terrible blogger! I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog entry.

Life has been very up and down here for me so I’ve just been really focusing on trying to get settled, getting outside and into the mountains and reading more.20160124_105147.jpg

I also started my job, which has been exhausting! Running around after 3 year olds all day can be tough and I find that I’m exhausted in the evenings!

My state of mind has definitely been up and down a lot here in Denver. I have been having a hard time accepting that things definitely aren’t going the way we had hoped and then continuing to hope that it will get better.20160206_173645.jpg

We are both trying to figure out what career choices are the best for us, I think this current job that I have has helped me realize that I definitely don’t want to be teaching young children long term. The dream of getting a job in marketing is still there and it’s stronger than ever now, so fingers crossed that something will happen for me!img_20160123_181636.jpg

But every time that I’m feeling low or lost (which was happening quite frequently) I try to get lost in the beautiful outdoors of Colorado and remember why we moved here (which works…EVERY TIME!).fotor_145610044155979.jpgimg_20160130_145745.jpg

7 thoughts on “My Life in Denver So Far…

  1. beautiful photographs!! I have also not been blogging recently, life caught up with me too. I used to teach young children too, but found it exhausting, and made me grumpy with my own kids. I much prefer teaching adults! Hope everything works out the way that you want..good luck!!

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    1. I know the feeling…luckily I don’t have any kids of my own but I feel myself being grumpy with my husband and dog. I’m volunteering to help teach English to refugee adults here twice a month and I much prefer that! I think that if I was to choose teaching as my long term career it would have to be adults!


  2. Colorado looks stunning! Been exploring your blog, very interesting and colourful. I’ve just been travelling to, and now ‘settled’ back in my home country again, and it’s difficult with the kind of obligation to make ‘intelligent’ life choices about careers and stuff… But all a new adventure 😀

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