2016, The Year Of…Books!

Happy new year everyone!!

I have been terrible and haven’t been blogging much recently, in fact I’ve had 2 posts written for the last month but I’ve been having some much needed family time with Jasons family and just didn’t get around to adding photos and posting them…will do so soon!

So, I’m not a huge believer in making huge New Years Resolutions but I do love the idea of getting to start new and fresh on the 1st of January and making small doable changes.

Last year, I decided that I would work harder on my blog and post double the amount of posts that I did the year before. It was a fun year and I smashed my quota by May. I loved the new conversations that more blog posts brought about, learning more about blogging and getting to know people only from reading their blogs or people commenting on mine. It’s a great little community and I’m glad that I worked hard on updating my blog last year.

This year, I have decided, is going to be more about relaxing and changing myself. The one thing that I really dislike about myself is the amount of time that I spend on my phone and Facebook. It is so boring but strangely addictive. So this year I have decided to delete Facebook from my phone and spend the time that I would have spent scrolling on my phone reading instead.

I have found this great reading list from PopSugar, which you can find here, and I have already started it. It is definitely exciting to have a checklist and to be working towards something rather than just saying that I’ll read more books. I’m excited because this list is going to bring me out of my comfort zone and introduce me to new authors and genres.

I have also joined the library near our apartment which was very exciting. After spending 5 years in Korea, where English books are really hard to find, it feels awesome to have all of the books at my fingertips, and it’s free too!!

I received an adult coloring book as a Christmas gift and I’m crazily excited to start spending time relaxing and coloring.image

How about you? Do you make resolutions? Have you made any resolutions?


6 thoughts on “2016, The Year Of…Books!

  1. Snap! Almost at the very same instant you pressed send – I did too. My post is incredibly similar – although I’m kicking twitter to the kerbside and will be concentrating on writing rather than Social Media. Let’s hope we can stick to our guns and not get sucked back into the black holes of Facebook and Twitter.

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  2. I have a friend who would love such a coloring book. I love reading lists–they challenge us out of our comfort zones. Book groups too. Happy reading!

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    1. Yeah I’m in love with this coloring book! I’ve never been great at drawing so being able to just color in between the lines and still creating a work of art is a great feeling!
      This reading list is making me so excited for each new book to read 😊


  3. What an interesting idea for a book list! It could easily be done with a book group too. I’ve been blogging long enough to go back and forth about how I feel about the time it requires- sometimes it feels like too much and I stop for a while, thinking I’ll just let it go. And then I miss it…
    I got my daughter one of those adult coloring books for Christmas 🙂 Probably should get one for myself too.

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    1. Yeah I agree with you about blogging, some months I don’t write a single post and then others I’ll write 2 or 3 a week. I guess as long as you keep enjoying it, that’s all that matters.
      I hoe your daughter is enjoying it! I’m loving mine.


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